Quick Sketches

These is what I enjoy, quick sketches that make you want to move and draw faster 

Dia De Los Muertos

Digital Medium; Photoshop 


Digital Medium; Illustrator 

Project Youth Connect

 Publication; Illustrator 

SF Aparment

This is how I imagine my friends apartment looked when it was first built. Digital; Illustrator 

Spring Show 2007

This was a surprise, to find one of my pieces at the 2007 Academy of Art Spring Show...

Lion Sketch

Lion Sketch 

Jester Girl

Costume Carnival at the Academy. Oh how I miss it. 


Charcoal on textured paper 35 minutes

Queen Bee

This has got to be one of my favorite sketches I have done in a while. I see it and it gives me goose bumps   
18x24 Acrylic on gessoed drawing paper. 

Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo, visited her house in 2008 in Coyoacan Mexico City. " La Casa Azul" 20 minutes.  

Experimenting, IT'S ALIVE!

Color and medium experimentation, 15 minutes. 

Editorial 911

Editorial piece on how 911 service needs to be restructured, Mixed Media. 

San Francisco

Palette Knife with Acrylic. 

Los Gatos Dam

This was a painting that I enjoyed very much I started it on site, took some notes, went home got some rest and next day I was ready to frame it. 

My Mother

Another one day painting with about 1week of careful finishing touches, got to make her look good right.

My Father

Not bad for a one day painting, what do you all think?

Blue Demon

Ahhh! There is nothing that says child hood like Lucha Libre. "Blue Demon" Anyone?