Skeletal Underlay

SkeleTOES anyone? I have never tried them but they do look comfortable. Graphite on Paper 18 x 24 

Ellipses / Drawing Principles

Ellipses anyone? This was a bit of a challenge but made it work for the best. Graphite Pencil on Watercolor paper "20x30"

This was one of my early drawings, Oh the memories. 18x24 Toned Paper. 

Paper Mache Chocolate Monster

 Front View 
Back View 
Hello Everyone I would like to introduce you to the "Chocolate Monster" This is a one week project that I produced for an art exhibit along with other very talented artists here in San Jose. Mediums: Paper, Balloon, Straws, Glue and and whole lot of Hours :0)


Figure Study

Figure Study, Acrylic on Cardboard. 30 minute painting.

Still Life

Still life, oil on canvas 16x20 inches